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Nick Kemp treats many conditions including Eating Disorders, Jealousy and Anger Management - Leeds, West Yorkshire

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AFPT Presents - Provocative Therapy for achieving more effective & accelerated client change
Date: 8th - 10th May 2009
Location: The event is held at the prestigious four star Queens Hotel in Leeds City Centre. Discounted accommodation is available on request directly from the hotel
Details: Frank Farrelly, the creator of Provocative Therapy and Nick Kemp present a 3 day course on how to use the Provocative Therapy tool kit when working with private clients in a therapeutic context. These 3 days of intensive training will focus on the Provocative Therapy "interview" and a series of exercises to develop Provocative Therapy Skills. The format of the training is highly interactive and because this event is hosted by the Association For Provocative Therapy (AFPT) you will also enjoy the following benifits:
  1. The 25 hour training will be counted towards full AFPT membership.
  2. You will optionally have the opportunity to experience a live one to one session with Frank Farrelly subject to availability.
  3. You will receive an AFPT approved manual
  4. You will be automatically be eligible to join AFPT as "Associate AFPT members"
Hosts: Frank Farrelly & Nick Kemp AFPT
Price: Early bird price if booked before 28th Feb 2009 £599, Full Price £750. Places are limited so book early to secure your place.
Booking: This event occurred in the past

Provocative Change Works with Nick Kemp: New York USA
Date: 15th-17th May 2009
Location: The Creative Pier - 833 Broadway (@13th Str.), 3rd Floor, New York, NY, 10003
Details: May 15
May 15 is an introductory session for anyone. Price is only $125 plus $7.95 shipping for Nick's Provocative Change DVD (US $100 value).
May 16 & 17
The full Nick Kemp Provocative Therapy Training including how to incorporate Provocative Therapy with NLP, Hypnosis and other techniques. Price is only $595 plus $7.95 shipping for Nick's Provocative Change DVD (US$100 value). Early Bird Special price of $495 is in effect until April 20, 2009. You can also reserve your space by paying a $100 non-refundable deposit before April 20, 2009 and still get $100 off.

Please note that the early bird discount is in effect and will reflect in your Paypal shopping cart. In addition there is a US$7.95 shipping charge for the 2 Disc DVD Set (US ONLY) which will also reflect in your shopping cart. If you are coming from outside the US we will refund the US$7.95 and give you the DVD at the door.
Hosts: Nick Kemp
Price: $125 for May 15th, $595 for 16th&17th. (early booking discount)
Booking: This event occurred in the past

An Introduction to Provocative Change Works by Nick Kemp
Date: 14th - 16th August 2009
Location: Poland
Details: What you will learn from this workshop...
- Strategies and approaches created by Nick Kemp, drawing from his experience in many different modalities, to create accelerated change with clients
- How to combine conversational Provocative change with Ericksonian hypnosis
- Learning the Internal Voice Tempo exercises created by Nick Kemp for resolving anxiety related states (published by Steve Andreas)
- The use of humour to chain and sequence state changes with clients
- Learning the principles of Provocative Change Works
- Hypnotic brain gym exercises, including pivot grammar to develop linguistic excellence
Hosts: Artur Król
Presented by Nick Kemp
Price: Please use the contact info below for pricing.
Booking: This event occurred in the past

Improvisation, Provocation and Dramatic Intervention in Therapy
With Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp
Date: 5th-6th September 2009
Location: Leeds, UK

In a workshop that is the first of its kind, Andrew T. Austin and Nick Kemp present a combination of improv, provocative therapy and drama in therapeutic settings.

All too often contemporary therapy sessions consist of pleasant intellectual exploration of issues and little more, or, worse still, the therapist relies on a set "script" of techniques. Whilst this may benefit some clients, it is often found that the addition of a sense of drama to the change work can massively facilitate change.

Emotional change is created best by what is emotionally impactful.

By engaging the full set of raw emotional responses of the client, conscious patterns are by-passed and deep therapeutic change can be effected.

As readers of, "The Rainbow Machine - Tales From a Neurolinguist's Journal" will be aware, Andrew T. Austin often likes to utilize the building of humour, tension and drama into his change work sessions and rarely does he use any pre-set or rehearsed routines. Often the client will bring their own drama and unique humour to the session and a high level of flexibility and responsivity is needed in such situations.

Learn how to:

  • use improvisation in the most challenging of situations
  • formulate responses to the most challenging communications
  • develop and build a sense of drama and tension within changework sessions
  • fractionation - build and release tension
  • track the numerous "frames" opened up by clients

In client interactions "the manner" and "state" of the practitioner and therapist" is as (if not) more important than the techniques used to affect client change. This weekend is for those practitioners who want to greatly improve their client success and develop a greater ability to work in a more fluid, conversational and time effective manner.

Both Nick Kemp and Andrew T Austin will be drawing upon their many years of working with clients in one to one and group situations and will be teaching what they have found of most use when working in private practice.

"You are totally disarming and beyond formalisation. There is ease and naturalness about you and you make people relax really quickly. You got the power man!"

Frank Farrelly, Creator of Provocative Therapy on Nick Kemp, (June 16th 2006)

Expect a provocative, spontaneous, entertaining skills based weekend!

Hosts: Nick Kemp AFPT and Frank Farrelly approved Provocative Therapy Trainer
Price: £299 (£249 if booked before 1st August)
Booking: This event occurred in the past

Advanced Provocative Change Works created by Nick Kemp
Date: 25th - 27th September 2009
Location: METAmorfoza, Wroclaw, Poland
Details: Workshop/training for more advanced NLP-ers, including but not limited to those familiar with Provocative Therapy (Frank Farrelly) or Provocative Coaching (Jaap Hollander). Minimum level of experience (at least a little) NLP Practicioner or more.
Hosts: Tomasz Kowalik
Price: Please use the contact info below for pricing.
Booking: This event occurred in the past

Stories from the Outside Inn with Nick Kemp and Doug O Brien
Date: 14th - 15th November 2009
Location: The Queens Hotel, Leeds, UK
Details: This is part of a bigger project we are working on. This is some of what will be included in this weekend... The language of storytelling in changework, The power of voice and tonality in exquisite communication, Creating and using metaphors, Neo Ericksonian language patterning, Proven strategies to create an excellent recording and much more...
Hosts: Nick Kemp and Doug O Brien
Price: £499.00 (first 10 people to book get the discounted rate of £449)
Booking: This event occurred in the past

To find out more contact Nick Kemp.