Level 3 PCW – Therapeutic and Business applications

This third level is for those who want to become practitioners and work with clients in therapeutic and business contexts. A practitioner needs to be able to demonstrate the skills in a context with clients as well as having an in depth understanding of the skills.

This is what is included:

  • Therapeutic and Business applications of PCW
  • Structure client session from initial contact to follow up sessions
  • Strategic thinking exercise
  • Using Fractionation in client communication
  • Demonstrate fluidity with all 3 aspects of PCW
  • Provide  case studies of working with clients
  • Ability to work with live client with supervision
  • Ability to use stories/metaphors at advanced level
  • Produce Feedback CD for client using client notes & session information

Level 3 PCW is “show me what you can do” time! This 3 day training focusses on how students can use the level 1 and 2 training in real life situations. There are many twists and turns in this training and successful completion of this training can lead to full PCW practitioner certification. Please note that certification is not an automatic consequence of attending this three day event. The focus of this three days is on being able to show what you can do as a practitioner in a real life situation. This three days is not for the faint hearted and all attendees must have completed a level 2 training in order to attend this training.

Often personal change and communication trainings focus on replicating techniques rather than developing great strategy elicitation and deconstruction skills.  This training is quite the opposite and all attendees can expect to be stretched and assessed fully before being considered for PCW practitioner certification.