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Nick Kemp treats many conditions including Eating Disorders, Jealousy and Anger Management - Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Nick Kemp - Presenting at the 2010 NLP London Conference

nick kemp and dave bowman at london nlp conference 2010

Anglo American Books took over the hosting of the annual NLP Conference in London in 2010 and David Bowman MD of the company invited me to present at the conference. Previously I have always ignored this event, but had presented at the IASH San Francisco event which happens every two years. I have as many will know become somewhat disenchanted with a lot of what passes for NLP in the UK and happily left the SNLP to instead support the independent ANLP concern which promotes professional standards and proper ethics.

My slot at the conference was on the Saturday at 2.30 - 5.30pm and I decided to present on my own Provocative Change Works™ work. I was very pleased to hear that the pre bookings for this were the highest for the afternoon and travelled down for the day from Leeds. During the day I was able to meet up with some professional colleagues including Penny Tompkins, Jamie Smart and Shelle Rose Charvet. I was also finally able to meet David Bowman who I had spoken to for many years previously and who was instrumental in distributing my products on an international basis.

nick kemp talks to group at london nlp conference 2010

Here is some of the feedback that I received from the official forms given out on the day and later forwarded on to me -

"Certainly different to what I have experienced before, enjoyable and thought provoking"

Paul Birch

"New Concept, brilliant live examples!"

Nancy Kirk

"Amazed at the efficacy of this approach"

Julian Freeman

"Good demos and explanations"

Marian Way

"Excellent mix of theory, demos & exercises"

Jim Stand

"Very different approach, elegantly done"

Rob Harley

"Very different approach with excellent live examples and believable stories based in client experiences"

Andrew Flin

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