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Nick Kemp - Presenting at the Advanced Mastery Training Boulder 2010

Steve Andreas and Nick Kemp August 2010 When I first discovered NLP in the 1990s two names that were firmly on my radar were Steve and Connirae Andreas. I never imagined that a decade later we would become friends and that I would be personally invited to co train with Steve in Boulder a decade later. I was in fact invited to the 2009 AMT, but couldn't make it due to other seminar commitments in Europe.

After 23 hours of travelling I arrived in Boulder at 11pm with just 24 hours before the start of the 7 day event. All attendees at the event were either NLP Master Practitioners or trainers and had literally travelled from all over the USA as well as from as far afield as China. My co trainers were Andrew T Austin, Danie Beaulieu, Lucas Derks and Steve himself. We all stayed at the Andreas's house in Boulder and experienced the terrific Andreas's hospitality. Steve and Connirae would cook the most fantastic meals and I was amazed that despite the difference in time zones and long days I felt absolutely great in terms of energy levels throughout the whole stay.

Bruxism DemoThe training days started at 9am each day and ran until 4.30pm. We would then regroup for an evening session that ran from 7 - 9pm. This made for an intensive experience and gave us all the opportunity to discuss each other's work and exchange ideas. I made a point of attending every part of the workshop and recording the event using a terrific Canon HD camcorder. This meant transferring footage at the end of each day onto external hard drives, which meant a very long day for myself, but really worthwhile as I obtained some excellent footage

We were also fortunate enough to have Keith Mann an experienced video producer and editor record the whole event. Each trainer took turns in presenting their work to the group and it was fascinating to see common themes emerge during the training although we had not discussed content prior to the event. The venue was a stone's throw away from the superb Whole foods supermarket where we could walk to for lunch and have the most wonderful salads. I know Whole Foods from New York and you could not find a better supermarket for nutritious food. The weather was also fantastic, between 80 to 90 degrees each day.

AMT TrainersThis proved to be one of my favorite events and it was a great group that was eager to learn and asked some great questions. Andy presented his excellent Metaphors of Movement material and it was great to see the other trainers in action. We all had very different training styles which in my view created a really interesting dynamic for the group. This event was a far cry from stock NLP and hypnosis trainings with a real emphasis on skills development. I presented my latest insights from my own Provocative Change Works™ material and had the great fortune to be able to work with two clients who both had Bruxism (what are the chances on that in a group of 40 individuals?) as well as members of the public.

I also had the opportunity to once again meet Charles Faulkner and discuss his excellent work in exploring the use of metaphors. I recorded interviews with Charles, Danie and Lucas which can be found on the Trainer Interviews section. The Advanced Mastery Training brings together some of the most skilled trainers around and of course Steve and Connirae are really excellent trainers with decades of experience. I met some great folks during this event including Mark Ryan, John Lambert, Chris Cathey, Anjali de Bellefroid, Michael Spandel, Krysta Chapman, Mark Andreas, Heather Sachs Palmer and many others.

I was so pleased with my own sessions that I have asked Keith to edit all the footage for what will be titled "Provocative Change Works in the USA" for release late 2010, early 2011. Presenting at the AMT is by invite only and is one of the highest quality events I have ever attended, wonderfully organized and a great example of just how great training can be.

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