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Nick Kemp - Presenting to Psychology Departments in India 2011

Nick Kemp and Andrew T Austin appear on Indian TV Nick Kemp and Andrew T Austin appear on Indian TV

I have just completed a series of workshops, presenting to university psychology departments, clinical psychologists, social workers, counselors and human resources personnel, in Trivandrum with Andrew T Austin, author of "The Rainbow Machine". This has been a memorable experience and as well as meeting many talk therapy specialists over here, we were invited to appear on Indian TV, by the head of the studio, to talk about our work. The presenter was genuinely interested in what we are doing, and it was a unique opportunity to share our experiences and our own work which might have been unfamiliar to this audience.

This was a very different experience and a real opportunity to "road test" my work in a country with a very different culture and demographic. The main areas presented were dealing with anxiety related issues, jealousy and the core elements of the Provocative Change Works™ approach. Andrew T. Austin presented metaphors of movement, and also the language of delusion. Dr Abraham and his assistant Maya were invaluable in co coordinating the events in India and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. Special thanks must also go to Andrew T Austin whose invaluable insightful and at times hilarious advice made everything run smoothly during this trip. It's a real privilege to co train with him and share insights.

Presenting to Psychology Departments in India 2011 Presenting to Psychology Departments in India 2011

The invitation for the television slot unexpectedly came during our visit and the program resulted in creating more interest in our work. As we both sat in the TV studio at the end of a day's training event, it all felt very surreal! We filmed everything during our stay on HD video for our archives. We will be returning to this region in the future, as well as scheduling other events in other parts of the country. I was especially pleased that the time I spent choosing equipment for this trip paid off and Cannon, Sony and Lumix units performed brilliantly, coping with the heat and humidity perfectly. We have some amazing footage which will appear in the public domain in due course.

India is quite unlike any other country I have visited. It's noisy, hot and full of never ending activity. I have found the people who attended the events, highly intelligent and genuinely interested in learning. It's very different to life in England, palm trees, heat, birdlife and flowering trees everywhere, and although to the traveler it seems wonderfully chaotic, for some crazy reason it all seems to work. The country is considered to be one of the new emerging economies and I can see why. This is a far cry from middle England and pre packaged NLP certification events! During one event I had a member of the audience spontaneously decide that he too wanted to experience some relaxation and promptly appeared on stage, to great effect, demonstrating that profound communication transcends language and cultural barriers.

I have realised that in recent years I am increasingly presenting on an international basis, and I will be travelling to Budapest and New York in forthcoming months, with Colorado and Warsaw also scheduled for later in the year. India is an extraordinary country and of course I have only experienced seeing one small part of it during this trip. I have found the Indian people who attended these events to be highly intelligent and genuinely interested in learning what works best in private practice. It was altogether delightful, fascinating and very moving, geographically and perceptually! Arriving back in the UK to a 27 degree drop in temperature was a bit of a shock. To quote a famous movie "I'll be back!"

Presenting to Psychology Departments in India 2011

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