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Nick Kemp treats many conditions including Eating Disorders, Jealousy and Anger Management - Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Application of NLP in Business Training Testimonials

I recently ran a one day applications in business event for the public, teaching how work in a business context using the skills I have developed over the years. The day was described as "Applications of NLP in Business" but in fact I presented far more than is generally included in NLP business training, including some of the insights from the Provocative Change Works™ tool box.

Here is some of the feedback from the attendees:

"A truly thought provoking and interesting day. I especially enjoyed the exercise discovering what needs to happen, to reach my goals"

Ruth Franckel

"Nick got me really focused and motivated on how to generate new business. He made everything practical and precise"

Harvey Taylor

"I enjoyed really thinking about getting specific through branding and market positioning"

Loretta Spence

"Today's session has helped me to think differently. It has generated a new way of thinking about my business. This gives me new options to explore and pursue"

Dave Barett

"Nick's 3 stage process of defining the future, where I am now and the process to get there is a real eye opener!"

Karen Hesketh

"Having started in the morning with a vague business idea, the what do you want your business to be like and the techniques to actually listen to what a client needs has been hugely worthwhile! After 8 hours I have clarity, techniques and new learning's above and beyond anything I could have hoped for!

Rick Simmonds

"I how have a sharp picture of where I am going and how to get there through the process Nick gave us"

Cheri La May

"The whole experience was useful and had moments where the lights came on. I remember taking the mickey out of somebody who used the expression "charged up" but that's how a lot of this training made me feel"

Colette Farrell

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