Therapist & Coaching Training

Therapist and Coaching Training

In recent years I have started to run a series of trainings for therapists, teaching and demonstrating many of the skills I have learned from Provocative Therapy, Hypnosis and NLP. Running a successful and very busy private practice has taught me that dealing with real life clients can be a world away from what can be taught in standard NLP and Hypnosis training events. Such trainings can be very informative, but often are not geared up properly to teach the refinements and precision that produce the best outcomes in client sessions.

Many of the approaches and strategies I used in these sessions, and in private practice, are also discussed on the Provocative Change Works™ for Phobias DVD set. My therapeutic trainings teach attendees the ability to work with precision, skill and in a conversational manner, to produce excellent results for clients. Many longstanding personal development experts such as NLP author and NLP Developer Steve Andreas have shown great interest in my work and Steve has included some of my approaches in his recent published writings.

What other therapeutic professionals are saying about Nick Kemp

“Nick Kemp has modelled two different simple processes which are part of his Provocative Change Works™ set of tools for working with anxiety and other strong emotions that I have found enormously useful in working with clients. He has also modelled the different patterns in Frank Farrelly’s Provocative Therapy so that they are easy to learn. In addition, he is everything you might wish for in a colleague – available, creative, eager to discuss ideas and learn as well as teach.”

Steve Andreas

NLP Trainer, Author and Developer

“Nick Kemp, what a guy, I mean he’s really something else. He helps people get rid of phobias that they’ve had for 34 years. Well the BBC heard about him and they went and saw what he was doing and… ‘We want you on, you know, every week’ and stuff like that and said ‘Why don’t we do a couple and so he did’. This is BBC radio and so he did it. People called in and stuff like this you know. So then they got so excited because the calls… the switchboards just lit up like a Christmas tree you know. The BBC wanted him every single day for the rest of his life but he said ‘No, no, no, once a week is ok’.

If you’re interested in NLP and provocative therapy you want to read his stuff on the internet. What a guy. What a guy. And he’s got a heart of 144 carat gold!”

Frank Farrelly Creator of Provocative Therapy

Many of these trainings are by application only – E-mail to request information