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I am currently running a 1 – 1 online training platform for students globally. This was rolled out a month ago by invitation and I am now opening it up to a few more people.
To date I have run online study groups, but this will be a new initiative where a select group of people will have the opportunity to learn about Provocative Therapy on an individual basis in a series of agreed Skype sessions. I studied with Frank Farrelly for many years and when he passed he left me his entire archive of materials dating back to 1950s. As Frank’s PA Kim once said “Frank never threw away anything!”
My own Provocative Change Works approach is greatly influenced by Frank Farrelly’s work. As well as hosting him for many years he also stayed at my house each year for between 2 – 4 weeks. This gave me the opportunity to him at great length about how he developed Provocative Therapy.
How to apply
To apply to be part of this exclusive learning opportunity you need to express interest by e-mailing me at info@nickkemp.com.

Some of what you can expect

With the 1 – 1 tuition you will have the opportunity to be a client as well as studying the provocative process. Each month we will agree 1 – 1 Skype session time for this to take place. I suggest that all attendees record the session at their end to be able to review in between sessions.

These sessions will include the following
• How to adopt and utilize provocative stances for conversational change
• The Frank Farrelly frame of “as if talking to an old friend”
• The use of sensory rich language to engage and stimulate client change
• Creating a feedback loop in client sessions
• How to use a set of client notes in coaching

I’ll also be talking about building a coaching practice, the art of persuasion and smart thinking in business

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