PCW in Geneva

I just returned back from a terrific weekend teaching Level 1 Provocative Change Works in Geneva. This was organized by Jean-Pierre Briefer director of BrieF’R Formations and the organization was superb in every way. We had a good sized group and clearly all attendees had been well trained in both NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis. The quality of the attendees of course makes a massive difference to the flow of the workshop. We were able to cover the core elements of PCW and the feedback was excellent.

This is the first training I have run in Geneva and we have plans to run some future events there. I’m increasingly getting requests to PCW trainings in Europe and to date as well as Switzerland I have run trainings in Spain, Poland, Holland, Austria, Ireland and Hungary. I can envisage running European PCW practitioner courses in the near future as its pretty easy to travel within Europe. The venue for the training was also first rate and well located for meals.  As usual we recorded the entire training and some of this footage could be used for online study groups as these wewre really good sessions.

Switzerland is the thirteenth country for PCW and on average one new country requests PCW training each year. When events are this well organized it makes it much easier for the trainer.

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